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The tutorials listed here under the Genomics tab include a set that can be run as a Genomics Workshop.

Genomics workshop

  • The modules in this workshop cover microbial genomics, from assembly to annotation and variant calling:

    • Starting with Galaxy
    • Training dataset
    • Quality control
    • Genome assembly with two tools - Velvet and Spades
    • Genome annotation
    • Variant finding
  • The analyses are conducted on the Galaxy platform, and links to training data are provided.

  • These modules can be delivered to a group workshop or used online independently.

  • If you have not yet used the Galaxy platform, we recommend following the modules in order.

  • If you are using these tutorials outside of a workshop and need access to Galaxy, you can follow the instructions on the homepage here to obtain your own mGVL instance with Galaxy and command line tools.

Other Genomics tutorials

  • There are also additional tutorials listed under the “Genomics” tab (such as PacBio assembly), but these may require different data sets and tools.